The Race: Paperback


We all dream of the day when the majority of Americans own their own homes. A day when
families are healthy, and children are loved and valued. We dream of a country where people
work 20 instead of 60 hours a week to make a living. We want to feel fulfilled at our jobs. We
dream of an America where we have time for each other and for relationships. We would
hope it to be a time when the family is strong once more. Surely this is an impossible dream?

The sad reality is that we are headed in the opposite direction. We are headed into a
“nightmare America” where a mere tenth of people own all property, an America where
children get fewer and fewer opportunities and suffer greater mental health and behavioral
issues. We are headed into an America where work is ever more meaningless, and to make a
living you must work 80 or 100 hours a week.

What can we do to prevent a culture ruled by the “Gospel of Greed” from imploding? Luther
Wissa believes he has a new way forward. It is radical, it is neither Republican nor Democrat,
left nor right, purely Christian nor atheist, and communist nor capitalist. It is a new way
rather than a middle way. However, this new way could it be the only way out for a
collapsing economy and society riddled with the consequences of years of corruption. There is
no compromise to be made. Can Americans make this change, lead the world out of crisis
and make the impossible dream possible?

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